My Kind of Intro to the World of Blogging and Reviewing

Well, I have finally got on the wagon and created a kind of book reviewing blog of my own. I know I had wanted it forever, but I kept pushing it back indefinitely and forgot about it. Since, I have made up my mind to do more reviewing as of late, I think this blog can serve as a nice platform and a kind of encouragement for myself.

My reviews posted on Goodreads have been getting a few nice feedbacks lately. It is such a nice thing and so here I am, testing the waters and hoping at least one more person is interested in hearing what I have to say. The purpose of this blog is to keep tracks of what I think about books right after I read them and why I rate what I rated. Also, as I have personally experienced the usefulness of a friend’s recommendations when searching for a book and just plain love it, I hope this blog can also be of help to you guys out there.

Should my opinion regarding a book differ from yours, please take no offense and just file me under a reviewer-with-a-different-taste list of yours. I’d do the same. Though I fancy myself some good literature, I rarely judge a book by that particular standard (covers, yes, I can’t help it I’m a designer!). Instead I rate books from the gut-wrenching feelings they give me during the ride, how they relate to my life and how engrossed I am while reading.

Feel free to make recommendations of books you like or simply want me to read and review 🙂 I’d love to add people who have the interest or taste with me too!



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