REVIEW: Into This River I Drown by T.J. Klune


T.J. Klune. Dreamspinner Press. March 25th 2013

At once an exploration of grief and faith, Into This River I Drown is one man’s journey into the secrets of his father and discovering the strength to believe in the impossible.

Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, who drowned when his truck crashed into a river. All called it an accident, but Benji thought it more. However, even years later, he is buried deep in his grief, throwing himself into taking over Big Eddie’s convenience store in the small town of Roseland, Oregon. Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day by day, struggling to keep his head above water.

But Roseland is no ordinary place.

With ever-increasing dreams of his father’s death and waking visions of feathers on the surface of a river, Benji’s definition of reality is starting to bend. He thinks himself haunted, but whether by ghosts or memories, he can no longer tell. It’s not until the impossible happens and a man falls from the sky and leaves the burning imprint of wings on the ground that he begins to understand that the world around him is more mysterious than he could have possibly imagined. It’s also more dangerous, as forces beyond anyone’s control are descending on Roseland, revealing long hidden truths about friends, family, and the man named Calliel who Benji is finding he can no longer live without.


719kZayU4UL._SL1360_This book is one of those that you just don’t know which shelves to put into. It has a healthy dosages of everything: tragedy, romance, drama, self discovery, thriller, religions and paranormal. I had my moments of being awestruck just for its beautiful and totally appropriate writing in between my bouts of crying where I just wanted everything to stop.

Sometimes I float along the river
For its surface I am bound
And there are times stones done fill my pockets
And it’s into this river I drown

Oh how true. Sigh.

Benji. I love you. I totally get and feel you. You are so strong, so angry and desperate, so impossibly human that I ache for you.

Cal. You are just the sweetest thing ever. ever. ever.

Big Eddie. Only the most perfect dad and person anyone would ever want. I wished I could have known someone like you in real life.

Maybe I was just slow but I was ridiculously happy when I finally realized the truth about just how similar Benji and Cal are. SO CLEVER.

This book really deals with the loss of someone close to you. A whole chunk of words I wished I had been able to convey to a person dear to me before she passed away. How Benji deals with his loss is so realistic and true, my heart clenched for him and myself. I laughed, I cried and I smiled when I was closing this book.

Unexpectedly, the religious part did’t bother me much. I usually try to avoid books that dwell too much about it for various reasons, but the part of it in this book affected me in a positive way more than I would have had ever expected.




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