REVIEW: Fearsome by S. A. Wolfe


S. A. Wolfe. September 27th 2013

Jessica Channing’s big city life should be more exciting than sixty-hour work weeks and popcorn nights with her girlfriends, but it’s not. She has worked hard fulfilling her role as a child prodigy and graduating college years before her peers. She’s the good girl, the brilliant girl.

Unfortunately, she’s also the dateless young woman.

That all changes with one phone call. Jess’s rigid, predictable life upends when she must visit a small, obscure town to deal with a relative’s death. This isn’t just any little speck of a town, though. Long lost memories come crashing down on Jess’s world when two men, the Blackard brothers, seem to lure her in.

Dylan is cover model handsome, and pursues Jess the minute she comes to town. Then there is tall, dark and gorgeous Carson, who hides his own secrets behind his hardened reserve.

For someone who has been governed by her own obsessive behaviors and fears, Jess lets her guard down and jumps at the opportunity to have an affair with a man she actually finds attractive for a change.

There’s just one problem. Jess discovers that she can’t have a simple romantic fling because true passion does indeed come with some very big strings attached to it. She will have to own up to her own truths about love and face the two extraordinary men; both troubled in their own ways and both determined to have her.


A1FYwBTgttL._SL1500_Jessica Channing is what I would call a very lucky lady. Except, maybe, for the cold childhood life she had, she had it good. Unfortunately, she was not the most appreciative woman ever. It became quite repetitive after a while seeing her complaining about every single thing and not feeling grateful at all for whatever she was given.

And then I freaking remembered that she was twenty and all finally made sense.

For someone who was used to show confidence and get a hold of herself in order to survive among her much older peers, Jessica ended up being a little of a “know-it-all” and justifies herself to all her faults. Even when she didn’t have a single clue about stuff. Like sex, friends and love.

So of course, when two sexy and obscenely handsome brothers came and courted her she was overwhelmed. To a virgin and a girl who had never had a boyfriend before, when presented with two equally handsome guys, who would she pick? The irritable, moody and scary, Carson? Or the sunny, flirty and obviously interested, Dylan?

The easiest one, definitely. Especially when she just started to want to have fun after years of restraining herself.

“Dylan is a dream guy for any woman, even me, but if you want to amp it up and make it more interesting with a guy who’s complex and intellectually challenging my bet is on Carson.”

This book was totally a fun read. I liked the sexual tensions and the banters. Although the plot was straightforward and left almost nothing to imagination, I still enjoyed it. I think the pacing of the story could have been better though, I had this feeling of watching a whole season worth of a tv drama in under an episode. And some things became quite repetitive too. Yes, yes, Jessica’s a pretty girl and a genius, I got that the first few times.

All in all, this is a book on acknowledging fears and illness and owning them. About being together with the person you want and not should, consequences be damned. A wonderful read and Carson is HOT. Just saying.




S. A. Wolfe lives with her wonderfully loud, opinionated children and husband. She is a voracious reader and passionate about writing, and when those two activities don’t keep her locked away in her room, she loves hiking mountains as much as she adores all the thrills New York City has to offer.


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