My Favorite Holiday Stories…from some of my favorite Gay Romance Authors

December = Holiday. And in the spirit of Christmas, go and check out these awesome Holiday stories! I know I would 😉

LE Franks, writer

I don’t know about you, but once December rolls around I read all the holiday and Christmas stories I can find.


Each year so many of my favorite authors either release a new Christmas or Hanukkah story of their own, or gift us with Christmas Codas – little holiday vignettes featuring some of our favorite couples from books past. It’s a chance to catch up with their HEAs and epilogue lives for a few minutes. They’re never enough, but oh, so delicious and we covet them like a six chocolate truffle box in a family of five.

But unlike a truffle, these holiday selections will still be here next year and they’re just as satisfying the second, third, or even fourth time around. Each year starting in November, I pull them back to the top of my kindle app and savor them anew.

(I did some guerrilla marketing for them, pulling…

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