REVIEW: The Engineered Throne by Megan Derr



Megan Derr. Less Than Three Press. November 12th 2013

Lord Vellem is a man desperate for escape. His father hides from his problems in alcohol, his mother hides from her misery in drugs, and his brother fled to the relative safety of the royal palace. Vellem eventually found solace in the Royal Army Corp of Engineers, but still could not entirely escape. Then his brother provides him with an unexpected chance, and now Vellem’s marriage to the young prince of a neighboring kingdom is only months away.

The marriage promises not just a fresh start in a new land, but a challenge to his famed skills in building roads and bridges. But before he can settle into his new life, tragedy strikes, and Vellem isn’t certain he’s up to rebuilding the ruin left in its wake.


It’s been awhile since I last read anything by Megan Derr, and I had forgotten how she had a way with her fantasy world.

This book was such a nice surprise, indeed. I totally wasn’t expecting the meticulous world building and the plot that entailed.

The book was solid, not once was I lost or confused, it had a very charming world rich of cultures and differences. The storyline was unexpected yet believable, it was such a nice combination. And there be dragons! One of the most adorable ones I had read believe me.

“I’m going to tell your prince that you are having an affair with a dragon.”

I noticed some of editing mishaps, but it wasn’t dire or in any way hindering me from enjoying the book. So all was right in my book. Although there were some things I wished were more elaborated, like things regarding Nigul and Bertin, which I could still tolerate seeing the circumstances at that moment.


Vellem as the decorated soldier, was such a unique character and MC, one that’s so solid and strong but yet insecure and fragile at the same time. The relationship he had with Perdith was positively delicious, I splurged on the insecurities, the internal turmoils and just the plain drama they had. Some would think it was too much and redundant, me? I wanted more!

I had always loved me some relationship growth, angst with HEA ending and drama without the external factors. Well fuck me twice but The Engineered Throne just delivered all my kinks and more!

The dynamics between Vellem and Perdith are so intriguing, I wished we had more of Perdith but I’d take what I could get.

And the whole scene when Perdith came to the fortress? Mmmmhmmm.

“You’re beautiful.”

“You’re suffering from poor eyesight—” Vellem gasped and shivered as one finger finally pressed inside. “Or delusional, but I will not argue with my king.”

“Liar. And stop calling me your king.” Perdith bit “sharply at his lips. “I’m your husband here, only that.”

Vellem grinned. “Oh, well, him I’ll argue with all the time.”



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